Saturday, December 3, 2016


Najib Razak has been desperately seeking to instil military discipline into his UMNO ‘troops’ during their recent Assembly, decking all of them out in different coloured uniforms each day like Rosmah’s handbags, as if he were some mad dictator.
This is not least, of cause, because he is a mad dictator.  He has ditched the requirement to re-elect him to his party position until after the next election, precisely because he fears they would take the opportunity to replace him.
UMNO accessories - different day, different colour
UMNO accessories – different day, different colour
Indeed, whilst he yesterday made ‘cleansing the party of traitors’ his prime target before facing the electorate, there are those who believe that voters would prefer to see a cleansing of the party.
Even the opposition believe that keeping dirty Najib in post is by far their best option for the threatened snap poll.
Najib’s big message therefore was that UMNO party members must obey him. Forget obeying the law, forget obeying the principles of right and wrong or indeed obeying the constitutional authority of the public who elected them. They must only obey him.
And, since he pays them, they all were happy to shout and wave and applaud as one corrupt leader after another was paraded up on stage and as Najib issued blood curdling Jihadist threats against political opponents and minority communities, as if they were an opposing army instead of neighbours with democratic rights.
This is what Najib has done to his party and to Malaysia, simply because he cannot give a straight answer to the question ‘What did you do with the money from 1MDB?’.

Singapore moves on banks

Meanwhile, neighbouring Singapore heaped yet more international humiliation on the Prime Minister, who had to sack his own Attorney General and Deputy (and many more besides) in order to pretend he didn’t steal billions from the public.
As the UMNO goons (all decked out in blue today) whooped and cheered, Singapore fined Coutts Bank and Standard Chartered, both for transferring money that the Monetary Authority described as having been misappropriated by 1MDB.
“The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has imposed multi-million dollar fines on the Singapore branches of Standard Chartered bank and Coutts & Co for breaching anti-money laundering regulations in relation to 1MDB-related fund flows through these banks, it said in a release on Friday (Dec 2).
StanChart was fined S$5.2 million and Coutts was fined S$2.4 million. [Singapore Straits Times]
Najib has, as we all know, has declared that no money was misappropriated from 1MDB. He has also said that the $681 million that popped up in his personal account, which the US Dept of Justice traced back to 1MDB, in fact came from a secret Saudi Sheikh.
Cheers and claps from UMNO (more dedak please).
What are genuine good Muslims or good Christians or good anybody to make of such behaviour?
It seems not only has this man made his country financially bankrupt, he has made his party morally bankrupt.

Bonuses – what do ‘Fat Mike Sherwood and Najib have in common?

Indeed, there is good reason to believe that Najib’s sudden fighting talk about a snap early election is precisely because he is fearful of further damning revelations from the international investigations into the world’s biggest ever kleptocracy scandal.
Bogus 'Dr' Tim Leissner, GSI wizz kid SE Asia boss, who faked his CV and qualifications
Bogus ‘Dr’ Tim Leissner, GSI wizz kid SE Asia boss, who faked his CV and qualifications
Singapore has not only moved against these two banks.  The Monetary Authority also inflicted a ten year ban on the former Asia boss of Goldman Sachs.
Tim Leissner, the personal friend of Najib’s and Jho Low fixed up all the dodgy 1MDB bond deals totalling $6.5 billion, through the agency of corrupt collaboration with two Abu Dhabi fund managers working for Aabar.
The bank had already sacked Leissner and he is said to be cooperating with the US financial authorities, who are also investigating this, the world’s biggest single kleptocracy scandal ever, in a relentless fashion.
Few observers of 1MDB are in any doubt but that the distinctly fishyGoldman commission on those bond issues hides further dirty corrupt practices that appear to have involved more massive kickbacks for Jho Low’s ring of fraudsters serving Najib and rich payments to those who collaborated from other outfits.
The grilling of Leissner and others ought flush out the truth, sooner rather than later.
So was it coincidental that just last week that Goldman Sachs’ International boss, ‘Fat Mike Sherwood’caused consternation by resigning his powerful position unexpectedly, with few reasons given?
Fat Mike was till that moment considered a major contender to take over the top post at the bank, having built up its ’emerging markets’ business in a quite spectacular fashion in those lean post-crash years, just as 1MDB was getting going.
A big part of those fantastic profits were owing to 1MDB and today Singapore’s Monetary Affairs Authority confirmed that Sherwood signed off on those bond deals:
“Mr Leissner, who left Goldman Sachs in February, managed the client relationship with 1MDB for all of its three bond issues from 2012-13.
A team of Goldman Sachs staff, mainly from Hong Kong but also from Singapore, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, arranged the bond issues and they were fully underwritten by London-based Goldman Sachs International, the MAS said.[Financial Times]
Should Sherwood have judged differently on touching such a deal and indeed on releasing an offer document that praised 1MDB for having a ‘robust three tier management structure free from political influence’ when in fact the fund was completely controlled by Najib and half the money raised was stolen on day one?
Perhaps, if this was not the actual reason Fat Mike resigned, then it should have been and perhaps soon we will receive the opinion of US regulators on the matter also?
Consider the news that made Fat Mike so famous back in the UK in the first place.  It was the fact that in the depth of a belt tightening recession for everyone else (as a result of a financial crash for which Goldman Sachs was in very large measure responsible) he and his UK international team issued the biggest bonuses ever in the winter of 2014.
Sherwood himself clinched no less that £13 million on top of his normal salary papers estimated.  Significantly, this hand-out was not for profits made that year, but the previous year of 2013 – exactly when GSI was reaping in its nearly $700 million reward, purely for having raised three dodgy bond deals for 1MDB:
Fat Mike Sherwood - did he bow out before the news about his 2013 bonus comes out?
Fat Mike Sherwood – did he bow out before the news about his 2013 bonus comes out?
So, like Sherwood, has Najib also decided to move before things get worse and to throw caution to the winds with a snap election before even more gets out about 1MDB?


Dah Tak Ada Elaun Untuk Murid Berkeperluan Khas (OKU) Pula !!

Someone sent me this.

The letter is a circular saying that  there will be no more allowances for the Murid Keperluan Khas (OKU).
The families with children who are in this special needs category will have to fork out more money for their children.
This is not the first such circular. Earlier there were other circulars saying that certain medical services will no longer be available at gomen hospitals and such. I think there will be more such circulars.

So what do you think folks? The gomen says they have plenty of money.

The analyst guys say that from September 2015 (last year) the gomen's  operating expenditure has been LESS than the tax collection. Total income tax receipts are also decreasing. 

GST collection is also going to be less than projected. The economic growth is not sufficient to generate the types of tax collection they were projecting.

Does anyone know how much Petronas actually contributed to the gomen LAST year? It was NOT RM26 billion.  It remains to be seen how much Petronas can contribute for 2017. RM8 Billion? Says who?

Latest I heard even the Ah Longs are having problems. There is no business. 

Felda folks are in much, much worse shape than what I have written here. 



Just yesterday I cut and paste the following notice from the BSN website, saying that BSN is having problems with its system and therefore customers are having problems depositing and withdrawing money from the BSN Bank :


Well  I just checked again just now and that Notice has disappeared from the BSN website. Here is another cut and paste :

Jeng Jeng Jeng.  Notis Sudah Hilang !!

Folks, there is more to the BSN crisis. 
It is not going away. 
The problem is much worse. 

First of all Utusan Meloya and Berita Haruan are not carrying this story. 
TV Tiga Suku and Radio TV Mangkuk are also not carrying this news. 
Its a complete news blackout.
Which means the Malay people from Perlis to Johor will not know about this BSN Crisis.

Bank Negara is also keeping quiet.   

Kalaulah Chung Khiaw Bank or Chin Peng Bank or Lim Kit Siang Bank have problems with allowing cash withdrawals, I am 100% positive Bank Negara would have immediately cancelled their banking licenses and jailed all the evil-Chinese bank managers and evil-Chinese bank directors? Bukan begitu?

But this is Bank Simpanan Nasional. 
Melayu punya bank. 
Melayu miskinkan Melayu. 
No need to take action so fast.

Why Bank Simpanan Nasional? 

Well almost all their account holders are Malay and bumiputera. Also plenty Civil Servants and pensioners who get their salaries and pensions directly deposited into their BSN accounts. So they wont make much noise.  

Inilah takdir, inilah cubaan, inilah dugaan, inilah rezeki kita. So, it is much easier to handle them. 

Also, the gomen can control how much information the Malays get.  Utusan Meloya, Berita Haruan, TV Tiga Suku etc all under their control.  Maybe that is the reason why.

Since yesterday, I have received a bit more information about the public NOT BEING ABLE to withdraw their money from BSN branches all over Malaysia.

Here is someone's FB posting about the BSN Crisis:

I also received the following information last nite. A gomen doctor has her salary deposited into BSN. When she went to the Bank to use her ATM card to withdraw her salary, there was no money. She tried for a few days. Then she went to the bank counter and they asked her to use her passbook.

But the bank told her she would NOT be able to withdraw ALL her monthly salary.  Only partial withdrawal.


So she could only withdraw a portion of her salary.

Another woman, also a GOMEN servant, faced the same problem. She could not withdraw money from the BSN ATM for two days. She could only withdraw some money on the THIRD day.

Some people are also saying that CIVIL SERVANTS with direct salary payment into their BSN accounts are having better luck withdrawing their funds than those people who are NOT Civil Servants. 

That Facebook complaint above could be one of those people.  

Why is Bank Negara Malaysia keeping so quiet about this? 

What about Utusan Meloya and Berita Haruan? Woi, ini duit Melayu lah. 

What about TV Tiga Suku?  

Malam ini bila duduk berzikir, cuba zikir baru ini:

Siapa miskinkan siapa dulu? Melayu miskinkan Melayu dulu.  

Ulang 100 kali. Insya Allah akan dapat hidayah. 

Fiery Khairy reveals why Umno youth is loyal to Najib

Saying it is not blind loyalty, the Umno Youth leader, full of fire, adds that the wing will win or die in the next general election.
KUALA LUMPUR: It is not blind loyalty when allegiance is given to a leader who places the public’s interests above his own, Umno Youth Chief Khairy Jamaluddin said today.
He said while Islam taught its adherents to be loyal to their leaders, there was a caveat: it required the leader to be one who worked within a certain boundary.
Umno president Najib Razak certainly fits the bill, Khairy said.
“This is why the 600,000 members of the youth wing have pledged their loyalty to the president,” said Khairy during his closing speech at the 70th Umno general assembly.
He gave examples to prove Najib was a good leader who practised the “bottom to top” form of leadership.
“I have led the youth wing for eight years. During my first year I voiced the youth’s wish to have the minimum wage increased, and the president as the prime minister, made this happen.
“Last year, we spoke about the rise in the cost of living. We asked for the government to avoid any more hike in toll prices and to provide the youth with assistance for public transportation.
“Once again, the president listened to our demands. Everything the grassroots asked, the president has fulfilled. That is why it is wajib (a must) that we support him.”
Khairy also referred to Najib’s speech on Thursday, where the latter asked him to be a warrior, playing the role of Tariq Ziyad for the party.
Tariq was a Muslim commander who successfully led an army across the Straits of Gibraltar to conquer Visigothic Hispania from 711 to 718 A.D.
“So Datuk Seri president, if you ask me to be like Tariq Ziyad, with the youth wing, 600,000 Tariqs will be behind you!
“We win (the next general election) or we die! No retreat, no surrender!
“Even if we have to walk through thorny paths, or stand on fiery rocks, so long as the blood runs through our veins, and as long as we are still breathing, the youth wing will continue marching forward,” he shouted through the cheering crowd.
The praise that has been heaped on Najib, including by Khairy in his opening speech, at the Umno assembly had been criticised by some outside the party as showing blind loyalty to their leader. -FMT

Murder suspect found dead in remand lockup

20-year-old detainee dies and is discovered during early morning patrol by warden.
JOHOR BARU: A youth detained over the murder of a woman and her daughter in Ulu Tiram in September has been found hanged in the lockup of the Ulu Choh Remand Centre here, according to police.
Iskandar Puteri Police chief Supt Noor Hashim Mohamad said the 20-year-old youth was found hanged by a piece of cloth from a small window seven feet high by a patrolling warden at 3.06am yesterday.
The warden summoned the help of colleagues and they quickly cut the cloth and brought the youth down, he said in a statement.
“The detainee was taken to the Sultan Ismail Hospital and was confirmed to have died,” he added.
The youth and another, also 20, had been charged in the Johor Baru Magistrate’s Court with the double murder. FMT

Ask before you speak, Siti Kasim slams Tok Pa

The lawyer activist says Malaysia is obligated to look after the rights of the Orang Asli.
PETALING JAYA: Lawyer activist Siti Kasim advised ministers not to speak about matters they have no knowledge about, taking aim at International Trade and Industry Minister Mustapa Mohamed who said the standoff in Gua Musang involving the Orang Asli stemmed from their reluctance to recognise the law.
Siti said the authorities needed to take into account how the country was obligated to look after the rights of the Orang Asli under the Aboriginal People’s Act 1954 and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).
She added there were also several past cases which “proved time and time again” that the Orang Asli have rights on their ancestral lands.
“Don’t speak about something you don’t know anything about. If you don’t know, then you ask first, otherwise you end up looking stupid. We (lawyers) are always willing to help explain things to you,” she said.
In commenting on the blockades set up by the Orang Asli, Mustapa had said that Malaysia has the National Forest Policy to govern matters related to forestry.
Siti, however, shot back, questioning how Mustapa could not know about the country’s obligations to the Orang Asli.
“He should know that Malaysia signed the UNDRIP declaration! This is not something which you can just ignore.
“It just goes to show that our ministers and people you put up there as bosses are ignorant about the law. If they’re ignorant then it’s okay, but you find out (about issues) before you open your mouth.”

Hindraf: IGP inaction over Muslim convert fugitive irresponsible

Hindraf chairman Waythamoorthy wants IGP Khalid Abu Bakar to apologise to Indira Gandhi for his failure to apprehend her ex-husband.
KUALA LUMPUR: Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy has called for Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to be responsible and respect the law and constitution of the country.
Waytha, a human rights advocate formerly in the Cabinet and Senate, disclosed that he would be writing to the home minister soon on Khalid’s “irresponsible conduct” pertaining to the case of Indira Gandhi and her former husband, Muhammad Ridzuan Abdullah, a Muslim convert who is a fugitive from the law.
“Khalid should stop blaming the public and instead accept the blame and publicly apologise to Indira Gandhi for his failure to nab her former husband, who is still at large,” Waytha said in a statement released today.
He was responding to comments by Khalid in a press conference yesterday, where the IGP said police are doing all they can to track Ridzuan who fled with his daughter despite a court order to surrender the child to his ex-wife.
“Muhammad Ridzuan Abdullah could have been easily caught if there was not this much publicity on his warrant of arrest,” Khalid had told reporters.
Waytha said the IGP has a lot of questions to answer, especially since he had previously said police were “monitoring” Ridzuan.
“Is he now saying Ridzuan was so good he can escape the police monitoring?
“Also, at the Federal Court, Ridzuan’s counsel admitted his client was in contact with a number of counsels. Has the IGP interviewed them?” Waytha said.
He added that is why Hindraf holds the IGP responsible for the difficulty in arresting Ridzuan, who went missing after the Federal Court sanctioned the order for his arrest.
“The IGP appears to have conveniently forgotten that it was his inaction on the Ipoh High Court order in 2010 that sent Ridzuan into hiding,” the Hindraf chief said.
The IGP had previously admitted he did not act on the court order because there was another order issued by the shariah court in 2009 which gave custody of Indira’s children to Ridzuan.
Khalid had said he was caught between the conflicting jurisdictions of the civil and shariah courts that had made opposing child custody orders.
“He even came out with his own suggestion that children in this situation should be placed in welfare homes. This is an abuse of the powers vested in him,” Waytha said.
On April 29 this year, the Federal Court ordered the IGP to arrest Ridzuan for contempt of court over his refusal to hand custody of his youngest daughter to her mother.
However, on June 25 this year, Khalid said he would not arrest Ridzuan but only monitor him.
“Khalid is apparently unsure of the law,” Waytha said, calling out the IGP for taking such an irresponsible approach, firstly, by being ignorant of the law, and secondly, by defying the High Court order.
“This mother has been denied the right to love and care for her daughter. The young girl was snatched away from her mother at the age of 11 months.
“He’s supposed to respect court orders and not form his own personal opinion. This is probably the first case in the country where an IGP was confused over a court order,” Waytha said.